Markus Liedtke, born in 1970, studied civil engineering with a focus on statics, plane load-bearing structures, and geotechnical engineering at the Bauhaus University in Weimar before working as a structural engineer. After his distance education studies in General Law through the Open University in Hagen and undergoing training in patent law at the German Patent and Trademark Office and the German Federal Patent Court, he was licensed as a patent attorney in 2003 and as a European patent attorney in 2005. Mr. Liedtke has been a partner in our partnership since 2004.

- German Patent Attorney
- European Patent Attorney
- European Trademark Attorney


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Mr. Liedtke specializes in the following technical and technological areas:
- Civil engineering
- Equipment engineering
- Geotechnical engineering
- Mechanics
- Medical device engineering
- Road building and bridge building engineering
VPP, INTA, AIPPI, GRUR, Sächsischer Patentanwaltsverein, Bundesverband deutscher Patentanwälte, EPI, Patentanwaltskammer

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