Dr.-Ing. Klaus Liedtke, born in 1939, studied Equipment Engineering/Optics at the Ilmenau University of Technology. After completing his studies, he first worked there as a scientific assistant and then spent several years working on the design and development of relay technology. He received his doctorate at the Ilmenau University of Technology with a paper on the dimensioning of electromagnetic circuits. Dr.-Ing. Liedtke completed his training for intellectual property law at the Humboldt University Berlin and subsequently worked as head of the Patent Department at the Ilmenau University of Technology before settling down as a patent attorney in Erfurt in 1991.

- German Patent Attorney
- European Patent Attorney
- European Trademark Attorney


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Dr.-Ing. Liedtke specializes in the following technical and technological areas: 
- Electromechanics
- Electrical engineering
- Equipment engineering
- Glass and ceramic technology
- Mechanical engineering
- Medical device engineering
- Microelectronics
- Optics
- Sensor technology
VPP, INTA, Sächsischer Patentanwaltsverein,  EPI, Patentanwaltskammer

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