At this point we publish on request of our clients in patent applications filed to create a novelty-destroying prior art within the meaning of Section 1 of the Patent Act § 3 and Article 54 paragraph 2, EPC before the official publication of the application.

In some cases, an early publication of applications is useful - especially if applications are to be expected from competitors that relate to only slightly different objects of the invention, because then or creating a fictitious state of the art within the meaning of § 3 para 2 PA . EPC Article 54 paragraph 3 may not be sufficient to prevent a patent for competitors or to take action against this: for a fictitious state of the art according to § 3 para 2 patent Act and Article 54 paragraph 3 EPC when considering inventive step not be considered for German or European patent applications. Therefore, in some cases, the creation of a "true" state of the art is useful.

Publications made here We regularly notarized in order to prove the date of publication in later procedures. Such publications are especially used as observations by third parties or for material support of oppositions against patents of third parties.